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We Are Humpty Dump!

Our start in the roll-off dumpster world is not a typical one. Along with owning and operating Humpty Dump, we also own one of the top-rated hardwood flooring companies in Denver, ASA Flooring. We started and built ASA Flooring with grit, determination, and hard work. Through this business have proven to our friends, peers, competition, and more importantly to our children that if you want something don’t talk, just do!

Behind the Idea

I was sitting with my wife one evening talking about what legacy we could leave behind for our children in terms of a business to take part in. We brought up many venture ideas, from restaurants to other kinds of construction trades, when all of a sudden our 6-year-old daughter walked by singing the Humpty Dumpty riddle.

The idea then hit my wife like a ton of bricks hitting a dumpster. The name and business idea formed all in one stroke of genius stemming from our 6-year-old daughter’s riddle. We figured that if we brought the same quality, care and determination to the roll-off dumpster world that we currently do with ASA Flooring, we would naturally gain the traction needed to make this a success. Through this wild ride the best thing has been sharing this journey with our two daughters and letting them see two successful entrepreneurs create something out of absolutely nothing. Our family all takes joy in being a part of and helping create Humpty Dump Roll-Off Dumpsters!



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