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Friendly Disposal Reminders From Highland Ranch’s Top Construction Dumpster Rental Company

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Construction and building generates large amounts of waste that can end up accumulating on job sites. The reason is many residential trash and waste removal companies do not have the ability to dispose of this amount of junk. This is why many construction companies partner with local roll-off businesses that offer construction dumpster rentals in Highlands Ranch. Construction dumpster rentals are easy and conveniently allow you to get rid of all your waste, extra materials and trash without the limitations of a residential trash service. However as convenient as these services are, you should be aware that there are some items that cannot be dumped into your construction dumpster rental.

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Importance of proper waste disposal

Proper waste disposal not only helps keep the environment clean, but also protect and maintain the beauty of the community. When waste is appropriately disposed of health risks and health hazards are minimized! If you own a construction site, proper waste disposal will also protect your workers from accidents and in many industries is a requirement. 

What not to throw in a dumpster rental

Putting hazardous materials in a dumpster is illegal and doing so could result in a fine. This is why many construction dumpster companies have contracts that outline what can and cannot be put in their dumpsters. It’s always better to check with a company about their rules before throwing out anything questionable. Humpty Dump Roll-Offs & Dumpsters has outlines the most common material restrictions below:


Oil-based paints contain harmful chemicals that can pollute soil and water. They should never be thrown into a dumpster rental. Latex paint is the only exception — in some states if you allow the paint to solidify and pour it into a box with shredded paper, you can then dispose of it once it is hard and dry. 

Hazardous wastes (such as pesticides and resins)

Hazardous liquids and materials should also never be disposed of in a regular dumpster. Some examples of these materials include pesticides, ink, resins, and household cleaners. If you need to dispose of them it is advised to contact your local waste management company because they usually provide a drop-off service for these types of waste.

Explosive materials 

You should never dispose of explosive or flammable substances in a dumpster because if it were to catch on fire it could lead to an explosion and injure anybody nearby, including the driver of the roll off. Combustible materials can also catch fire at landfills and collection sites. If you need to dispose of flammable or explosive substances, contact your local waste disposal company about the correct way to do so. 

Non-Alkaline Batteries

Unlike household batteries, many other types of batteries are very harmful to the environment and should not be put in a dumpster. These include lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, silver oxide batteries, and car batteries. To find out where to recycle your batteries call your local municipal waste company.

Whole Tires

You can’t dispose of whole tires in construction dumpster rentals or landfills because the hollow space in the middle of tires can trap methane gas when buried by other garbage. The buildup of methane gas may cause the tire to float to the landfill’s surface. It is pushing aside other debris and rupturing the protective liner that keeps the landfill from polluting the environment.

Top Construction Dumpster Rental Company

Humpty Dump Roll-Offs & Dumpster is one of the leading roll-off dumpster choices near Highlands Ranch! We love trash and helping other people and businesses handle their waste problems in the safest ways possible. To reserve a roll-off dumpster today, call +1-844-HUMPTYD now or check out our website for more information!

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