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Centennial Concerns: How to Keep Pests and Vermin Away From Your Roll Off Dumpster Rental

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A roll-off dumpster rental may be temporary, but collecting waste in one place can still attract pests. No matter what kind of garbage you have to deal with, you still have to be ready for them. Depending on where you live, examples range from squirrels and raccoons to American black bears. Damage and even more waste await once a pest senses an opportunity in your dumpster.

Centennial, CO, is not new to this kind of issue, whether residents collect trash in a dumpster or take it to a dumpsite animals find it. Humpty Dump Roll-Offs & Dumpsters can make sure that you are prepared by giving you all the facts for your next dumpster rental. 

Why They Love Your Dumpster

Pests and vermin need three essential things to survive, and some would say a dumpster can provide all three: 1) Food: Humans toss a lot of unsealed food, and food draws pests of all sizes. 2) Water: Dumpsters are often full of all kinds of liquid and can fill with rainwater when not properly drained. That also creates breeding grounds for mosquitoes that could bring malaria, Zika virus, or dengue, to name a few. 3) Finally, they want shelter.  So, your dumpster can feel like a safe haven for rodents and other pests. How do you win against that?. 

What You Have To Do With Roll Off Dumpster Rental

Over the years, roll-off dumpster rental businesses and their clients have been plagued by pests. That might sound expected, if not unavoidable, but there are still ways you can minimize infestations. Humpty Dump Roll-Offs & Dumpsters works closely with you to fight these critters. Here’s what to do:

Avoid food waste at all cost

We know it’s tempting to throw out everything and anything directly to our dumpsters. But whether it’s the permanent one for your house or only a roll-off dumpster rental, it’s not the most effective way to dispose of it. Food rots and stinks as it decomposes, and that smell draws critters. Consider placing the food waste inside sealed food bags before throwing it out or composting your waste. 

Put it on concrete and not grass

Rodents and insects love to nest underneath the darkest and smallest parts of your roll-off dumpster rental. Putting your rental on concrete removes the burrowing-under optio and should there be any sort of chemical leak, it’s easy to spot and avoids contaminating the groundwater.

Cover and put a lid on it

Covering your roll-off dumpster rental before the transport of waste is important. It keeps the pests out, and it prevents it from filling it up when it rains. Furthermore, you get to avoid materials soaking up water (thus accelerating rot.)

Tidy up your roll-off dumpster

Avoid infestation by making sure that your roll-off dumpster rental is clean after each trip from the dumpsite. This will allow you to clear any buildup of waste in the container and ultimately reduce the attractiveness to pests. 

Choose A Reliable Roll Off Dumpster Rental

In most instances, human carelessness is the number one cause of pests, but Humpty Dump Roll-Offs & Dumpsters is here to help you with your waste management. Our reliable roll-off dumpster rentals have helped countless residents in Centennial, CO, because our dumpsters are always clean and ready for the job. Make a reservation today by calling +1-844-HUMPTYD or using the reservation form on our website

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